Operating instructions.

Configuring your remote control

You must configure a remote control before using it. A configuration is a set of button names for remote control keys, which are linked to an infrared signal code.
  1. Run "IgorUSBRec.exe".
  2. Insert button names for your remote keys, or just use a template.
  3. Select each button name and press the corresponding key on your remote control.
  4. Save your configuration file as "Default.ini". Place it in the same folder as "IgorLirc.exe".

Maybe you wish to use two or more remote controls at the same time:

It is possible to give the same name to different keys on the same remote control.

Running IgorLirc

Just run "IgorLirc.exe". Whether a "default.ini" file is found in the same folder, it will be loaded at once.

You may run IgorLirc at Windows startup. Just create a shortcut to IgorLirc and place it in the "Start" folder of the "Start" menu.


WinLIRC (and IgorLirc) enabled applications may need additional configuration.