IgorLirc enables many Windows based applications to receive standard infrared control signals. This allows you to control your computer using almost any standard infrared remote control. IgorLirc is specifically designed to work with Igor Cesko's USB infrared receiver . This a cheap and easy to build home-brew hardware.

How does it work

IgorLirc is a replacement for WinLIRC. Just run IgorLirc instead of WinLIRC. Any WinLIRC-enabled application will work just the same.

What is the point on this ?

WinLIRC is an excellent application. However, it does not work with Igor Cesko's USB hardware. WinLIRC just works with serial devices. Many PC's those days does not implement serial interfaces, so you may need an alternative in hand.

Is it related to LIRC/WinLIRC ?

This project is not related to WinLIRC nor to LIRC projects. Those are independent development efforts. No source code is shared with them.


Thanks to Igor Cesko for his hardware design. This project would be useless without it.